noun - “a thick cloth made from wool or other fibers packed tightly together”
verb - past tense and past participle of “feel”

noun - “a sliver of cotton, wool, or other fiber, drawn out and slightly twisted”
adjective - “constantly moving from one area or place to another”

On several trips to the Ozark mountains, I gathered wool from two female shepherds. I was really interested in the raw materails that I was able to acquire through this journey. Fiber for me became an analogy for experience. I was especially interested in fiber as both a material and an early technology. Twisted fibers that make rope were one of the first technologies developed by humans. Later, fiber inspired the creation of looms which were the precursors to the technology of computers. Fascinated by this history, I gathered fibers that were hand treated and colored using plants and I used my gatherings to create a canvas for printing.

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