English pronoun - “a greater or additional amount of”
Croatian / Bosnian / Serbian noun - “the sea”

More is a series of sculptures inspired by the architectural remains of the workers resorts buildings in Croatia. The workers resorts buildings and holiday homes were build during the second half of 20th century, when the country was a part of former Yugoslavia. At the time, these accommodation facilities along with reduced prices and holiday pay formed the main pillars of social tourism. They enabled local working families to spend their vacations at the Croatian coast. These privileges were supported by the state and trade unions. Tourism played a significant role in social transformation of this geographic area.

Since the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the resorts weren’t kept up and the buildings were left to the mercy of the elements and time. Croatian coast is now becoming a major draw for International tourism. Many of the local inhabitants are not able to afford to vacation at the coast of their own country that they support through taxes, raising concerns about imperialist tourism in the region.  

Glazed Stoneware and Porcelain Clay

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