Metal type
Wood type
Edition 5 - 10
Electric Biology is an ongoing series of work inspired biological processes in the body and my own experience of living with a neurological condition. The visual abstractions in the series are inspired by the electrical impulses in the brain, whose activity governs behavior, language and consciousness. This led me to working with pieces of language and exploring fragmentation as a fundamental human condition.

All of the prints are created in small editions using wood and metal type. I carefully curate the typographic collection and the printing plates in my studio. I also create my own printing plates using discarded materials, cardboard and duct tape. I print very delicate type next to duck-taped plates to create a dynamic and ethereal effect. The abstracted compositions include my writing, inspired by movement, migration and immigration. I write in English and Croatian. The writing fragments speak to a loss and a redefinition of home, in the context of body, place and country.

2014 - present