Edition of 5

Open edition
Silent Kolo is an installation of printed work based on typographic history of Croatian and former Yugoslav region.

It features my design for Ms. Olga typeface - an homage to Olga Hocker, an overlooked typographer who created Yugoslav Script in 1920s combining cyrilic, glagolitic and latin type characteristics. Hocker was a highly regarded educator who published and gained international recognition yet was excluded from typographic history. I am currently working with Tiporenesansa Studio in Slovenia to produce Ms. Olga as 20 line wood type. 

The type spells passages from Rober St. Johns 1943 book “The Land Of Silent People '' next to (mis)translated passages of incunabula from the region in a series of 23” x 35” prints, produced in small editions. The letters appear and disappear from the viewers gaze. Simultaneously large seriographed letters dance across the installation, creating a perpetual motion of the eye. The repetitive effect references Kolo dancing, a Slavic dance referred to in the title. Installation is accompanied by open edition serigraph type specimen and a single-sheet artist publication, a risograph printed broadsheet (click here to read the broadside essay).

2021 - 2022